Yamaha G2-22 Power Clutch Kit

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Need more power on your low end take off?

The factory driven clutch opens well before your engine can rev up to build power. This driven clutch spring power kit is an great way to recover 15-20% of low end torque that you lose as a result of lifting your golf cart and adding larger tires. Designed for gas Yamaha G2 thru-22 golf carts. A heavier duty tension spring increases the pressure that the clutch exerts onto the drive belt when engaged to prevent slippage. The balanced machined secondary sliding sheave is also cut at an angle to maximize your low end torque. This kit will really help with 4 passengers, on hills or under heavy loads.

Power Kit comes complete with a balanced machined secondary sliding sheave, a heavy duty compression spring, and an input shaft spacer.

This Kits fits all G2-22 4  cycle  gas models. Fixed Sheave sold Separately.