Spring Maintenance for your Golf Cart

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A golf cart is just like a car, it needs maintenance and upkeep so that it runs properly when you need it to. A great way to ensuring that your cart stays running well is to perform some simple maintenance checks on your golf cart, especially when bringing it out for the first time in the spring. Continue reading below for our list of things to inspect and how to inspect them. As always, if you don't feel comfortable working on your golf cart we can help, just contact us today to set up your spring golf cart check up!

Electric Golf Carts - Check your Water Level in your Batteries

Did you know your batteries in your electric golf carts have water in them? That's the best way to keep your electric golf cart running well, topping off the water levels. Be sure to top off your water levels when your batteries are fully charged!

Step 1 – Insert pump into jug of distilled water! Only use distilled water when filling your batteries.

Step 2 – Prime the bulb by squeezing until full of water from the jug.

Step 3 – Once hand pump bulb is primed remove the dust cover from the end of the fill line on your battery watering system. Mate the two connections.

Step 4 – Squeezing the golf cart battery watering system hand pump with firm steady pressure to pump water into the battery cells.

Step 5 – Continue squeezing/pumping the hand pump until the bulb becomes firm. All battery cells are full once achieved.

Step 6 – Immediately disconnect the connectors between the battery watering system and the hand pump. Then replace the dust cover.


Check Your Tires

Low tire pressure is one of the leading causes of premature wear in tires. These things are easy to prevent! Air compressors are small and affordable, and some even come the size of a standard cordless drill. You can pick up a tire pressure gauge and a small air compressor at your local auto parts store affordably. So once you have the tools, here's the steps.

Step 1 - Inspect the sidewall of your tire for the recommended PSI. 

Step 2 - Using your tire pressure gauge, place it on your valve stem and getting a reading. Anything that's under the recommended PSI number means you need to add some air.

Step 3 - Turn on your air compressor and add air to your tires, stopping to check tire pressure throughout. Once it's properly filled, move on to the other tires. 

Step 4 - Repeat steps 2-3 for all four tires.


Grease all Grease Fittings

Have a grease gun handy? Grease up all of your grease fittings found throughout your suspension to keep your golf cart riding smooth all season long! Unsure how to do this? We can help! Just contact us today to schedule your spring maintenance service! 


Check your Lights

This is especially important if you live in a golf course community, camp ground or small community that allows for golf carts to be driven on public roads. Turn on your headlights, walk around your golf cart to make sure everything is properly illuminated. If you have any lights out, you can check for bad fuses or bulbs, or contact us today to have us help out!

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